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By taking a real PTE mock exam, you will learn your accurate level more cheaply before investing a lot of money in the real exam.


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Taking real mock exams will allow you to develop skills to take your exam. Our software is developed with Artificial Intelligence, with specialized programming emulating the real exam.

Carrying out a mock exam allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, in this way you can strategically plan your study, focusing your efforts on the questions that have the greatest shortcomings. And best of all, simulations save you a lot of money and headaches before taking the exam.

When you take an actual PTE mock exam, you can find out your actual level more cheaply before spending a lot of money on the real exam. This is an excellent alternative for you to use our software based on artificial intelligence in which you will be able to know your score in each of the bands.

Taking real practice exams will help you become familiar with the exam and improve your score significantly, saving money and headaches. Because at the PTE Institute, we know that taking an English-level exam is very frustrating and brings a lot of pressure. You will release that tension and be better prepared by acquiring mock exams from the real exam.

Each of the exams includes feedback in which you will be able to know which is the type of question that you have to improve the most to improve your score.



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